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Battle of the jam butty!

As part of the celebrations for the first ever Jam Week, the sponsor Clippy’s hosted a ‘battle of the jam butty’ at Harvey Nichols in Manchester on Thursday June 25, 2009.

A team of celebrity chefs including David Gale (Hilton Manchester Deansgate), Andrew Nutter (of Nutters) and Harvey Nichols’ Stuart Thomson battled it out, to see who could make the tallest jam sandwich in just two minutes.

Stuart Thomson in action

Andrew Nutter in action

The rules stated that each ‘level’ of the sandwich should contain both Jam and butter.

Andrew Nutter’s sandwich unfortunately was unable to stand up and Stuart’s did not fulfil the terms of the rules.

The Winner - David Gale

The winner was David Gale with an impressive 13inch sandwich!

The jam butties were made using loaves donated by the family bakers Warburtons and Clippy’s ‘Apple Pie Jam’.

Clippy McKenna with the guest chefs

Iain Mackenzie, General Manager at Harvey Nichols said: “Harvey Nichols has always been an ambassador for good quality British and regional produce and we are really excited to work with Clippy’s as part of the first ever JamJamboree.  The ‘Jam Butty Battle’ is a fun and interactive way to celebrate the great British apple and jam sandwiches take me back to my own childhood with my grandmother’s homemade preserves dolloped on crusty bread. Sometimes, you just can’t beat a good jam butty!”

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